This Brand is known as "Everlasting" and is founded by Rafael DeJesus Nunez. Everlasting is not only a Brand but has been defined as more, with the name itself having deep value and meaning to it's Founder. This brand was introduced July 24th, 2019 on Snapchat and soon after Instagram along with a description reading "Has it's own vibe to how Art on clothing is". The main goal is to help represent people... who they are, what they are, and how they're feeling. Plans to expand are currently in the works, with a YouTube Channel to catalog the journey of the brand and life of the Founder, Working alongside Teespring Merchandise, and partnering with Envato there's no doubt in the success ahead. 

Everlasting is known in...


Toronto, Canada

Los Angeles, California

Downtown Manhattan in New York City

Miami, Florida

Enavto HQ, Fiverr HQ, and Teespring HQ